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I’m Jay and this is my travel site. In this site, you’ll find travel news, travel stories, and travel inspirations.

I’m so in love with traveling to different places ever since I was a kid. I’m an avid fan of maps and my dream career when I was a kid was to draw maps.

I’m the kind of person who would do anything to pursue his precious dream of traveling to different countries around the world. I’ve always wanted to build a career around traveling and this blog just made it possible for me.

I’m guided by what I can hear, taste, smell, see, and touch. My ideal craft should please my senses and allow myself to become immersed in the moment. That’s why I find myself drawn to professions linked to the travel industry such as travel blogging.

For me, a profession is less about promotion and relentless striving, and more about the actual experience. I usually won’t rush to be the first at something or fake an interest in a craft or project just to get ahead. Owning and expressing my receptive side to the world and in everything I do is how I feel most fulfilled and make my best contribution.

Freedom is a top priority for me. It is imperative for me to follow my outgoing impulses and live life as I go along, moment to moment.

It is essential to me that I find authentic pleasure in what I do. It is my life goal to inspire people with my skills and talents. I’m feeling the need to contribute to the world in a meaningful and practical way that has lasting value.

I’m a firm believer of the digital nomad movement. It’s now possible to pursue a life of long term travel while making a living online.

From being an expat in the Middle East to a full-time digital nomad, I’d love to tell you about my journey into this nomadic lifestyle that I’ve chosen.

Jay’s Travelogue attempts to provide you with interesting travel stories to inspire your travel wanderlust.

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