Best Year-end Office Functions to Pitch to Your Boss

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Had enough of those boring year-end office functions? Don’t despair. This list offers exciting new ideas for your year-end celebrations. With something to suit every kind of work environment and budget, these are the five best year-end function ideas to pitch to your boss.

Escape Your Work Life

Escape from the dreariness of the workday with an escape party. This is not just a great idea for team building but also makes a unique corporate or year-end event.

Let an escape room party planner take care of all the details for you, for a night filled with laughter and fun. Escape room parties also foster communication and teamwork while you all collaborate to solve problems, discover clues, crack codes, and escape from your assigned rooms.

Escape room events are set up at various locations throughout the US. Exciting themes include ‘A Night at the Castle’ and ‘Escape from The Titanic’, among others. Additionally, catering can be arranged.

“Sea” in the New Year

See in the new year on a party yacht and make it a year-end party to remember. While you may think that this is out of the budget, a quick search on Google for a sailboat rental near me shows you that it is surprisingly affordable and easy to find.

You have the option of a skipper and crew, and catering arranges just as easily as it is on land. Order some fresh seafood platters, a variety of cocktail snacks, and of course several bottles of bubbly. This is a chance for every employee to feel like a star, no matter their role in the company.

If your boss is resistant to the idea, try to tie it in with another big event. Perhaps a senior employee is retiring after many years of service. Or the company just closed a lucrative deal. A yacht party is perfect office function for celebrating any occasion.

Go Wild

Tempted to just go wild at your year-end office function? Well, you do not have to have a formal event. This year, be different. A team-building package is a great way to get to know your coworkers better while having a lot of fun too.

A variety of packages including conventions, company retreats, and team-building sessions can be booked online. Some offer both virtual and in-person activities, and there are so many to choose from, giving endless possibilities.

Events organize throughout the US and include activities such as games, sports, clue-hunts, murder-mystery dinners, pub hunts, and various other fun activities.

Sing a Different Tune

Stop complaining about those lackluster office functions and sing a different tune. Karaoke is a fantastic way to shake off boredom and get you out of a rut. Working from home, especially, can make you feel pretty isolated at times. So, get together with your teammates and sing the blues away.

All that you need is a karaoke machine and mic, and you are all set. However, if you want to take things to the next level, choose a fitting theme for your year-end event location. Perhaps disco, or country western? Choose what you all reach a consensus about.

The most important thing is to have fun with it. Once you decide on your theme, you then decide on the more practical details such as the decor. Dress accordingly and play music from the genre matching your theme to sing along to. Throw in a few catering platters and some wine and you are all set for a great office function.


Has work-related stress been getting to you all year? Laugh it off with some improv. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, improv is a form of live theater in which the performers make up dialogue, characters, and plot on the spot.

Made famous in the well-known tv-series Whose Line Is It Anyway, improv gained popularity around the world. This will have you and your co-workers in stitches laughing. Improv also allows you to laugh at, and with, the boss. Now there’s a great incentive.

There are several improv theaters around the country, especially in New York and Chicago. But you can host your very own company improv evening, with drinks and dinner afterward.

There are two major benefits to this choice for an office function. Laughter is a natural way to combat work stress. Additionally, improv improves communication skills and confidence. Now that’s a year-end get-together with a purpose.

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