Corpay One: Senior Frontend Developer (TypeScript / React)

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Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark


We’re looking to expand our team with experienced developers who likes to lead, take responsibility, and motivate fellow team members to keep a high bar for quality, speed and security. You should be comfortable making decisions on the fly, as well as take the leading role in making sure the dev team is meeting deadlines and commitments.
You’ll play a large role in developing new features and leading by example. Your educational background is less important as your previous professional experience, your drive, and your personality. 
We’re using Scrum (but don’t worry we don’t overdo the meetings) in Corpay One, and we emphasize teamwork, engagement,  and continual improvement. Our teams or self organized, so we expect each individual to be a strong contributor and not be afraid to put their ideas on the table.


Write clean, scalable and testable code
Interest in building robust UIs with modern tools like ES6, React, GraphQL
Strong TypeScript skills
Customer empathy and the ability to think through customer needs and come up with clever ways solve their problems
Passionate about building production-ready features fast
Have a high bar for the quality of code and automating repetitive development tasks as well as a high attention to detail
4+ years of experience shipping high-quality front-end code
Comfortable working with an existing code base


Develop new features and improve existing ones
Review and refactor code
Document development and operational procedures
Analyze system requirements and prioritize own tasks
In-depth knowledge of the modern front-end technologies
Continually engage and work with the team to evolve and optimize the development process

The Stack

From a technical point of view, Corpay One’s back-end is built on .NET with C#. On the front-end we work in TypeScript on the React framework, enabling us to build reliable web experiences that can handle high usage volumes. The product consists, among others, of a web application and a mobile application. It’ll be the front-end that will have your main focus.

To apply:

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