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As the first B2B Customer Success Manager at a rapidly growing startup like Recurrent, you’re signing up to wear a lot of hats.

Embed into late-stage sales opportunities as a technical product expert; pick up and own B2B customer relationships as they close.
Lead web and data feed integration for B2B deployments with our car dealer customers, creating implementation and support playbooks for future hires.
Interact with auto dealers and EV buyers who have questions about battery condition during the transaction process, troubleshooting both technical and battery science inquiries.
Act as a voice of your customers to provide feedback to our product and data science teams.
Build scalable operational processes to supplement the product to make customer relationships successful.

We’re a small but growing company and want to hire folks who will grow with us. The scope of this position directly scales with your ability to automate the most repetitive parts of your job.

What we’re looking for

Excellent communicator: Our tone in email and chat is friendly and simple, but with an underlying depth of knowledge about EVs – and willingness to patiently educate others just getting there.
Highly organized and methodical approach to getting things done. There should be no more than 5 emails in your inbox right now (go check!) or a convincing alternative personal organizational process that you can document and explain during the interview process.
Lots of independence. As a remote-first company with a small team, you need to be self-motivating and largely self-managing. We measure engagement, output and results, not hours spent in an office.
Personal passion for nerding out on electric vehicles and batteries – either as an owner, tinkerer, aspirer or scientist.
3+ years of B2B customer success experience with a technical software/web product, or equivalent. Experience in project managing software implementations is a plus.


We’re open to full-time, part-time or long-term contractor options depending on your skill set and other obligations or interests in life. Part-time/contractor compensation will be prorated based on market salary rates.


Anywhere in the US. We’re a remote-first company with a team concentrated in the Pacific Northwest. We have colleagues in 6 different states and we want to work with great folks wherever they are.

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