Five Ways Online Gambling Becomes a More Social Experience

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Casinos have been around for hundreds of years now — in fact, the oldest casino was built in 1638, in Venice. Gambling in physical casinos has always been as much about socializing as it has about the actual games and winning money. Online casinos are on a rapid growth trajectory in the last decade and many players prefer online gambling from home as opposed to going to an actual casino.

The online gambling experience is much more convenient, you can play any time of the day, and switch games within seconds. However, the one drawback of online casinos is the lack of social aspect, as the players gamble alone in most games. Here are ways to switch that around and make online gambling a much more social experience.

Live Dealer Casinos

If you never tried it before, live casino games with dealers are a great way to bring the experience of a physical casino to your laptop screen at home. There are many different games to try, including live online roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and many other variations of popular casino games.

Not only do you connect to these games with many other people, where you can type comments and chat with others, but you also can chat with the dealer while playing. The dealer can see your name and your questions, so the experience becomes highly immersive and interactive for everyone. There are live casinos available in many countries, for a variety of games. Therefore, the options are endless.

Social Media Gambling

With social media taking over most aspects of our lives, it is only a matter of time until online casinos find ways to make gambling social media friendly. Currently, the games available on such social media platforms are not exactly real gambling, however, the experience is very similar. Social media casino games are actually one of the popular ways users merge socializing and gambling together. This trend grows every year.

For instance, in Facebook casino games, you deal with the fake Facebook currency, which allows you to purchase virtual goods and add-ons within the game. You can invite your friends on social media to join you for a game, where you chat, play, and socialize at the same time. While no real winnings are made, it is a great alternative for those who simply enjoy the social aspect of the gambling experience.

Online Poker

Poker is perhaps the most popular casino game, whether that is in-person or online. Since the game is social by nature, the online version of it allows you to play with real people in real time. It may not be quite as intense as sitting at a real poker table in a physical casino, but it certainly brings the social feeling back to gambling.

In most online poker games, you have a chat box where you can discuss the game with your fellow players. You potentially make acquaintances with regular poker players, as you start seeing familiar names in-game. With poker being a highly skillful game, the online version of it brings out unique ways to spot bluffing and recognize the players’ patterns.

Sign Up for Tournaments

Tournaments are a common practice for online casinos that many players are super excited to join. Online casino tournaments are not only great for improving your skills and play against the most experienced and skillful users, but they are also a very social gambling experience. The added bonus is a pool of great prizes you could win at the end.

As there are several players in a tournament, you play together and discuss the results throughout the whole experience. Some of these tournaments last up to 8 hours before a winner is announced. However, the average tournaments are around an hour long. You can choose tournaments for many different casino games, although poker is the most popular choice among players.

VR Casinos

Virtual Reality technology is currently used the most in the gaming industry, with new and more immersive ways to experience different games. With online casinos becoming more and more gamified, it comes as no surprise that VR also slowly enters the gambling market.

VR Casino games are not currently that common as this is still a developing industry. However, the experts believe that it will soon completely transform the online gambling experience, making it as social and real-life like as it will ever be. If you own a pair of VR glasses, there are already a couple of online casino games to already try out. While the selection is not huge just yet, this is the perfect time to get on board and try out the interactive experience of VR gambling.

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