Indians are the second biggest source of tourists to Singapore

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Renji Wong, who is the head of the Singapore Tourism Board in India and the Middle-East said at a travel trade roadshow in Pune that around 2.19 lakh tourists from India entered Singapore in the first half of this year. India is now the second-biggest supplier of tourists to Singapore. However, he said that peak pre-pandemic tourist influxes are not predictable till 2024.

Wong said that in 2019, they witnessed 1.41 million tourists from India. In the first half of this year itself, 1.5 million international visitors came to Singapore, among which, 2.19 lakh are from India.

Indians are more than eager to travel; hence, the rebound in travel has been witnessed across all regions in India. However, Wong said that retrieval to pre-pandemic tourist numbers can be seen by 2024.

Wong also added that the airport of Singapore has been re-connected with 14 among 15 cities in India like the way it was connected to before the pandemic. Although Pune is not connected to Singapore by air, Wong said that they are constantly talking to the airlines.

Wong added that more focus is being given to provide diverse tourism experiences like food and nightlife, themed tours, along with sports. The Formula One motorsport race is planned for October 2, at its exclusive street circuit which includes major landmarks in the city.

Wong said that MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions), important for bulk bookings, are restarting in Singapore, and bookings and queries for 2022 and 2023 are being received. He said that a huge, 4000 contingent MICE event by a firm from India is planned during the end of the year in Singapore, and this surely shows the revival in the MICE sector.

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