ITA Volare (SkyTeam Elite Plus) Status Match Is Back For New Applications Through September 15, 2022

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The new SkyTeam member airline of ITA, born on the ashes of Alitalia, has launched another status match campaign valid through September 15, 2022.

Elite members of 22 different airlines, and for the first time, former Alitalia MilleMiglia, can apply for the match that requires you to purchase a ticket.

You can access ITA’s page for the new status campaign here.

Eligibility Requirements:

– join the ITA Airways Volare program, if you are not already a member.
– be in possession of an airline ticket in your own name which is simultaneously sold and operated by ITA Airways. Only tickets with a travel date after 2 August 2022 will be admitted.
– be in possession of a premium card of a loyalty program of one of the airlines listed below. Valid cards and cards expiring in 2019-2020-2021-2022 will be accepted. Only cards on which the applicant’s name and surname are written in Latin characters, as shown on their identity document, will be considered valid.

The elite membership from the matched airlines may have already expired, as they accept tiers from 2019 to 2022.

You must have a ticket to fly on ITA after August 2, which must have been issued on their ticket stock.

Valid Airlines to Match FROM:

Alitalia – Millemiglia
Air India – Flying Returns
American Airlines – Aadvantage
ANA – Mileage club
Avianca – LifeMiles
British Airways – Executive Club
Cathay Pacific – Marco Polo Club
EL Al – Matmid
Emirates – Skywards
Gol Airlines – Smiles
Iberia – Iberia Plus
Japan Airlines – Jal Mileage Bank
Latam – Latam Pass
Lufthansa – Miles and More
Qatar Airways– Privilege Club
Royal Jordanian – Royal Club
Singapore Airlines – KrisFlyer
Swiss Air – Miles & More
TAP – Miles & Go
Turkish Airways – Miles & Smile
United Airlines – Mileage Plus
Vistara – Club Vistara

They no longer match SkyTeam alliance airlines, such as Air France – KLM, Delta, or Korean Air, but you can now match from Alitalia’s MilleMiglia.

How To Request Match?

Request a Status Match and join one of our exclusive clubs by completing two simple steps:

1) If you haven’t already subscribed, sign up to the Volare program

2) Send an email from the address with which you signed up for the Volare program to [email protected] following the instructions below:

a. Contained in the subject of the email: Status Match 2022

b. Listed in the text of the email: Full name; “Program of origin” and “Status of origin” (e.g. Miles & More – HON Circle); Volare Frequent Flyer number, ticket number (according to the criteria listed in point 2 of the summary conditions)

c. Please attach a legible copy of your current valid Frequent Flyer program card (digital or physical) and a copy of your identity card¹  (pdf, jpg format)

Your Status Match request will be reviewed and you will be sent a email to confirm if your status has been recognized within 60 days.

Ensure you include all the required information in your email to ITA. They state that emails with incorrect or incomplete information will not be processed.

They state that it may take up to 60 days to process the match, but it is unclear how long the matched status is valid.

Sebastian wrote about his personal status match experience previously:

Success: ITA Volare Status Match Processed & Updated to PREMIUM Level (SkyTeam Elite Plus)

ITA has had similar matches TWICE previously.

ITA Launches Volare With 10,000 Bonus Points & Status Match Offers

ITA Volare (SkyTeam Elite Plus) Status Match Is Back For New Applications Through April 15, 2022

There have been reported issues getting ITA status recognized by other SkyTeam airlines:

TA Airways & SkyTeam Response To Recognition Problem Of Volare SkyTeam Status

ITA Airways Volare Program: Issues With Membership Not Being Recognized By SkyTeam Airlines


Thanks to the Italian frequent flier website TheFlightClub for alerting us about this offer.

You should take advantage of this offer if you have or have recently had status with one of the matched airlines and you plan to fly on ITA in the near term.

You can always buy an inexpensive ITA ticket for later this year and throw it away (a one-way flight within Italy cannot cost much) to get status with a SkyTeam for benefits when flying on one of the partner airlines.

Would I credit any flights to Volare? I would not because I have status with Air France – KLM and am active in their program. Also, I am not convinced that Volare is any less confusing than MilleMiglia was.

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