Nothing reveals stick-shaped charging case, forgets to talk about earbuds

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Nothing Ear Stick Case Official

Credit: Nothing
  • The London-based tech company, Nothing, has unveiled its new Ear Stick earbuds.
  • The new earbuds will come in a unique charging case inspired by “classic cosmetic silhouettes.”
  • Full product specs and pricing are expected to be revealed later this year.

It’s been a year since London-based tech company, Nothing, entered the earbuds market with its first audio product — the Ear 1. For its next effort in the space, it looks like the company is doing a minor refresh with a brand new stick-like charging case.

Yesterday, attendees of the London Fashion Week show were given a surprise glimpse at Nothing’s new earbuds, branded as the Ear Stick. In addition to its earbuds, the company showed off a new charging case.