Swoon: Delta Amex Made From Retired Boeing 747

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The credit card industry is competitive, and card issuers have all kinds of strategies to get their cards at the front of consumer’ wallets. Sometimes we see credit card issuers introduce limited time card designs, which is something that usually doesn’t get me too excited… this might be an exception, though?

Delta & Amex partner for coolest card design ever

Delta & Amex issue several co-branded credit cards, and for a limited time the most premium card in the portfolio is getting a special design. Specifically, Amex and Delta have teamed up to offer a credit card made from a retired Delta Boeing 747.

Limited edition Delta Amex Reserve Card

This is available to those with the Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card (both personal and business) between June 16 and August 3, 2022, while supplies last. Existing card members can request this special version of the card, and it’s available on a first come, first served basis. The card is created with 25% metal from the retired Delta Boeing 747 with the tail number 6307.

The card comes with “exclusive content via an augmented reality experience created especially for card members, which includes Boeing 747 history, interviews with Delta pilots and crew members, and an up-close look at Delta Ship #6307’s transformation from a passenger plane into the card design.”

This particular plane was in service for over 27 years, operated over 14,000 flights, spent over 116,000 hours in the air, flew around 68 million miles, and carried more than four million passengers.

Stats on the Delta 747 used for these cards

This. Is. Awesome.

Usually special edition card designs don’t do a whole lot for me. I use the cards that offer me the best rewards for my spending, with no thought put into their appearance or what material they’re made of. That being said, this is a card I’d certainly make an exception for, because this is the coolest credit card imaginable for avgeeks.

There’s only one issue — I wouldn’t want to actually swipe this card, because I’d want to keep it in mint condition. Rather I’d want to put this in a case on my desk and preserve it, and I can’t imagine that would do much for Amex or Delta either.

Then again, I suspect I’m not your average consumer when it comes to this stuff.

The amazing Delta Reserve Boeing 747 card

Bottom line

Delta and American Express are offering a new limited time design for their most premium co-branded Reserve Card, which is made of the fuselage of a retired Boeing 747. What’s cool isn’t just that the card is made of a 747, but that the card has a picture of a 747 on it, plus all kinds of stats about the plane.

Anyone else adore this card design as much as I do?

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