Technical Support Engineer

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GitHub users work 24/7, so you’ll be expected to work some holidays. And though we support flexibility to let you take care of the important things in your life, you’re expected to work during the normal working hours of your timezone.

When GitHub users have questions, they contact Support and we help them as quickly and awesomely as possible. Technical support handles a wide variety of inquiries including questions about Git and GitHub workflows, GitHub Pages, our API, and our desktop applications. Support also works closely with the engineering team to track down bugs and improve our documentation.

The most important characteristic of our support team is that we love helping developers. GitHub is a place for people to work better, together. Our job is to help. Support treats users the way we’d want someone to treat our friends.

Our support teammates have excellent writing chops: stellar grammar, charming written personality, and the ability to explain complicated things simply. We measure our success in swiftness, accuracy, and clarity.

Minimum Qualifications

Currently residing in Australia, India, Japan, or New Zealand.
Current legal working authorisation to work in Australia, India, Japan, or New Zealand.
Experience using Git and GitHub
Programming experience with a language like Ruby
Experience using the command line
Experience interacting with APIs and troubleshooting related requests
Understanding client and server architecture for websites and web applications
Stellar English and grammar skills
Excellent problem solving skills – you might not know all the answers but you know how to find and communicate the solution
A strong sense of empathy – you are attuned to hear the question behind a question
Customer service experience
A unique writing style and voice

Preferred Qualifications

Will love developers and GitHub as much as we do
Could effortlessly explain how Git works to a non-developer
Have remote customer service experience
Familiarity with basic network concepts and tools
Familiarity with continuous integration, delivery, and deployment principles
Experience troubleshooting using stack traces and log files
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