What Statement Pieces Can I Use in My Home?

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Decorating a home is quite fun and fulfilling. You may have a number of items that you already own and want to put them in prime position. However, to really bring each room to life, you want to add a few statement pieces that are great to look at. These don’t need to be expensive, and really change the look and feel of the space they reside in.

Metal Prints

There are several ways you to display photographs and artwork within your home. Some of these tend to almost fade into the background. Therefore, using a more unique method is useful. A metal photo print is a great way to use some of your own pictures of your friends, family, pets, or even landscape shots, and turn them into statement pieces for your walls. This is a great idea for the kitchen, especially if you often host guests in this room. In addition to this, the metal background makes it easier to keep them clean from spills, dust, and even oil.

Bathroom Plants

You possibly have not previously considered placing plants within your bathroom, but it does wonders for the space. Not only do these add splashes of color to the windowsills, units, or flooring, but they also have purpose. Bathrooms easily become damp, especially when you have multiple people needing to take showers or baths. Plants soak up some of that moisture that hangs in the air. This helps to prevent mold from forming and keeps the room looking pleasant. You want to do this in bathrooms with windows so that your plant still has good access to light.


Not all mirrors in the home need to be used for vanity. Sometimes, they also help to create an illusion of more space and allow areas to feel lighter. Hallways and landings often feel rather enclosed, especially when they do not have any access to windows. Even with overhead or wall lights on, that darkness detracts from the space. Due to this, you want to think about hanging large statement mirrors on the wall of your hallway. These give your light more surfaces to reflect off of. Guests also enjoy seeing them as they enter your home, giving a sense of style as well. In addition to this, if placed near the entrance of the home, it also enables you to have a final cursory glance before leaving the house.

Making a statement in your home does not mean you need gaudy furniture or expensive antiques. By thinking about your decorating choices, you make a space look and feel that much more welcoming and, in some cases, even increase the quality of that room. When choosing a statement piece, you want to think about the space available to avoid making a room look cluttered.

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